Why Northwest?

Our value proposition:

  • Flexible, affordable pricing.
  • Professionally lead installation and setup.
  • World class data and telecom team included.
  • Wholly owned Canadian network.
  • Mobile and unified communication features.
  • Unique calling and routing features.
  • Resilient disaster recovery for small business and enterprise.
  • Granular web based administration.
  • Call statistics and reporting.

Features That Drive Your Business!


Calling Features

  • Over 25 Calling Features
  • Voice Mail To Email
  • Voice Mail Transcription
  • Presence And Busy Lamp Fields
  • Transfer -Blind/Attended
  • And Many More...

Routing Features

  • Ring Groups
  • Call Queues
  • Conference Bridges
  • IVRs
  • Day/Night Modes
  • And Many More!

Mobile Integration

  • Mobile Apps
  • Find Me/Follow Ne
  • Transfer To Mobile
  • Mobile Number Masking
  • And Many More!

Web Based Administration

Our web based administrative console lets your technical team build and maintain your phone system on your terms. Take control and build route based applications, layered IVR's, conference bridges and more. Control your users calling plans, and look at their stats all from one powerful console.

Take as little or as much control as you need, you're always backed up by our technical team.


Telecom Manager Included

Even though our G2 platform gives our users more control over their services Northwest Voip has always built its reputation on being a fully managed service. All of our clients get a dedicated technical rep that will help your organization with everything from installation and on-site evaluations to building a call flow that optimizes your companies potential.

Our team also works behind the scenes with over 18 carriers to negotiate and manage the best routing for your calls. Whether you're an enterprise looking to outsource telecom management or a small business looking for the best ways to optimize the customer experience, we're here for you.


Our Network

Our network is a wholly owned facilities based network with data centres in Vancouver BC, Burnaby BC, and Edmonton AB, Canada.  We operate a cloud based hosted service that offers our customers the efficiencies of a large facilities based provider at a great price point.

Geographical redundancy provides out customers with unique disaster recovery options as calls are always handled off site and among several data centres. Lose a site or a city and you're still covered.

Our national on-net foot print gives you not only a great calling experience but allows your business to provision and port numbers in most cities across Canada and the United States.

Build A More Efficient Phone System And Save!