The Northwest Voip Story

The Beginning

Northwest VoIP was founded in 2005 by Mike Fraser Technology Consultants to fulfill a growing need for business class VoIP solutions. Mike Fraser Technology Consultants at that time was a boutique IT consulting firm servicing the needs of small to mid sized businesses across western Canada and abroad.



In the beginning of 2004 several MFTC clients started to investigate the power and flexibility of VoIP systems. These clients asked MFTC consultants to begin a search for viable vendors.

Much to the surprise of MFTC consultants, business class VoIP providers were rare in 2004 and the ones that did exist were cost prohibitive for small business. At the same time a revolutionary class of open source software packages were entering the market and enjoying rapid uptake among consumers and service providers. Engineers at MFTC had been exploring these new offerings and with  strong interest from clients began to formulate a test platform on which to provide service.



In early 2005 MFTC began beta testing it's new hosted PBX platform with a select group of clients that were willing to be real-world test subjects. This gave MFTC engineers the opportunity to not only test systems, but tailor them to real world demands. Valuable lessons were learned through this process that persist today.

In Q4 2005 after months of testing MFTC started a separate venture called Northwest Voip.


In 2008 Northwest Voip completely eclipses MFTC in terms of growth and revenue, to the point where MFTC is wound down in the summer of 2008 to focus all resources on Northwest Voip.


In early 2009 Northwest Voip eliminates all PRI back haul connectivity and converts to a purely SIP based network. This gives Northwest greater agility and a more flexible carrier platform.

Later in the same year Northwest Voip adds its first geographically redundant data center in Edmonton, AB. This allows Northwest Voip not only to peer directly with major telecom partners but also adds a fail over site outside of the pacific earth quake zone. This brings further resiliency to the Northwest platform.


Northwest Voip celebrates it's tenth year in business and opens a third point of presence in Montreal, QB to service clients in eastern Canada and the North Eastern United States.


Northwest Voip begins development of its generation 2 platform. Design goals include an expanded and more granular GUI, expanded provisioning, greater scalability  and enhanced security.


Northwest Voip completes beta testing of the Northwest G2 platform and launches in late November.

The Present

Since its humble beginnings Northwest Voip has enjoyed rapid and tremendous growth. We proudly serve clients across Canada, the United States and in many different countries around the world. We're proud to take the next step in our evolution with the launch of the our second generation platform and hope you'll inquire about the benefits our services can offer your company.


Our Mission

Northwest Voip has broken it's mission statement into three pillars:

  1. Northwest Voip has built it's reputation on quality, uncompressed VoIP audio. Our driving philosophy has been to deliver toll quality voice performance with the flexibility and enhanced feature set of IP based telephony solutions.
  2. We pride ourselves in offering "high touch" customer service, which means if you need us on-site we'll be there.
  3. We strive to deliver high uptime numbers through redundant systems and data centers, as well as vigilant management of network resources.

Our Company

Northwest Voip is a privately held company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our location offers us the best North American connectivity on the pacific rim, as well as a stable political and financial environment. We currently also boast points of presence in Edmonton and Montreal.