Northwest Voip Service Plans

Business Phone
From $29.95/month
All the PBX Features You Need!
Conference Phone
From $19.95/month
For Meeting Rooms
Low Use Phone
From $19.95/month
For Lunch Rooms
Fax To Email Line
Paperless Fax

PBX & Dial Tone

Traditionally small businesses had to contend with two separate cost centers when deciding on a new phone system. First the PBX which was the expensive hardware that managed the extensions, voice mail, and incoming lines. Second the old style lines themselves provided by the phone company and programmed through the PBX provider.

Northwest Voip modernizes this process with a new approach. We provide both an advanced PBX service as well as unlimited North American phone system access all for one low monthly price. No more piece meal pricing gives you, the business owner a fixed telecom cost every month that is usually ten to twenty percent lower than the combined PBX/Phone company cost of years past. Taking what was traditionally a variable cost and turning it into a fixed cost gives you the freedom to forecast growth and adds agility to your business.

Telecom Manager Included!

Northwest Voip takes the PBX off your hands, virtualizes it, and places it in one of three tier one data centers across Canada. Management of your system is always included in your fees and our professional staff are always available for moves, adds, changes, and suggestions on how to make your phone system better.

The following are some of the features that are standard with our service plans:

  • Your choice of inbound phone number from most North American cities
  • Calling anywhere in North America
  • Enhanced Voice-Mail (Voice mail to E-mail, Web and Mobile mp3)
  • All virtual PBX features
  • Technical Support

Seat Pricing

Northwest Voip bills according to active phone or seat. An active phone can handle an unlimited amount of lines and includes all of the northwest voip virtual PBX features. Northwest voip also recognizes that some phones are not intended to be used regularly and also offers a low use seat intended for reception lounges, lunch rooms, etc.

As you add seats your seat price declines, making sure that your telecom costs scale with your company!